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Spring Branches

    How You Can Help

  • Sign our formal response to the CPUC decision once it is available

  • Send a personal letter (it does not have to be long, just sincere) to the CPUC and whomever else we determine appropriate when the time is right (see homepage)

  • Become a member of our subcommittee. 

  • Join the discussion online by providing feedback, asking questions, and voicing your concerns.

  • Ask your neighbors to get involved.


  Email or join our mailing list to stay informed. The         more we are informed and work together, the more we can accomplish!  

Please help spread the word and share this video. We need our community involved to make a change!

Now is the time for ACTION.

Here is what you can do to help: 


Submit your personal feedback/comments** to the CPUC:


Voice Mail: (619) 719-4207




Online Comment link:



* Your comment can be as long or short as you wish, you can upload pictures or a Word or Google document of your comments.  It can take as little as two minutes.   In fact your comment could be as simple as: 


- "Please conduct an EIR" or


- "Conduct an EIR so a thorough analysis of viable alternatives can be completed before approving SDG&E's proposed project" or


- "Prepare an EIR so alternatives such as undergrounding can be considered that will significantly reduce the effects on the environment.  It is worth the additional cost to not increase our wildfire risk, or to not destroy the aesthetics of our beautiful neighborhood, or to not cause millions of dollars to be lost in property values." or 


- Just tell your story about why you are concerned about additional power lines running through our communities.


Remember the most important thing is to submit a comment by May 30.




**Other suggestions on comments to the CPUC (click here or go to "Talking Points" tab for further details): Comments should be thoughtful, legitimate, and ideally share personal stories about particular concerns. The CPUC website has an option that allows you to upload photos showing how you will be impacted.  Additionally, the CPUC has identified some of the following topics as having a potential significant impact on the environment; you may consider using the following list when communicating your concerns:


  • Aesthetics - Watch the animation above.

  • Wildfires

  • Recreation - Scenic Hiking Trails and Public Parks

  • Property Valuations

  • Power Outages

  • Evacuation Routes

  • Biological Resources

  • Cultural Resources

  • Geology, Soils, Seismicity, and Paleontological Resources

  • Hazards 

  • Tribal Cultural Resources

  • Noise

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